Tips & Etiquette


Choose a date that is convenient for everyone involved and one that is right for you. Remember that some dates might be more costly than others so if money is a factor, choose the one that best fits your budget.


Many Hotels offer banquet halls that will fit specific guest counts.
There are also many restaurants that will accommodate large parties based on the event date.
If you hire an event planner in advance, they will be able to help you with choosing the right venue for your event.


One of the most important steps is finding a vendor you can trust and feel comfortable working with. Vendors who have your best interest at heart are often the ones that make your event pleasant and stress free.
Choose vendors that look at your event as more than just a one night affair.
Make sure they are not double booked for the date of your event which might lead to complications


Make sure to order your invitations at least four months before your event so that your guests have sufficient time to respond to your invitation.
Have a general guest count but always make sure you order at least 15% more of what you think you need in case of last minute changes or additions.
Mail your invitations anywhere from two to three months before your event date.
When choosing an RSVP date, be mindful of the dates your venue needs a final guest count. Generally, respond dates are 4-6 weeks before the event but they can be as early as 2 weeks.
When addressing your envelopes, list all members of the family if there are four or less. If more than four, list the parent names followed by “and Family”.
If you are sending Save the Dates you should probably send those six months to one year before your event. We recommend something simple and to the point so the information is clear.